CEO Announcement: Bike Transit Announces New CEO

A message from Alison Cohen, Founder of Bike Transit:

As you know, I founded the company and have been deeply involved in all aspects of its operations and leadership. I’ve loved all of it –it’s been amazing to see bikeshare grow and see Bike Transit grow from infancy to a full-grown teenager. And it’s time for Bike Transit to grow in new ways beyond its founding. To that end, I’ll be stepping into a role. I will be dedicating my time to business development to figure out how we can grow up and out, and I will be reporting to the new CEO.

I am excited to announce that stepping into the role of CEO of Bike Transit is Kristin Gavin-Wisniewski. Kristin has been the fearless leader of Indego Bike Share in Philadelphia for 6 years, and a champion of bike share equity.

As owner of the company, I am far from disappearing. I am still deeply passionate about bike share and intend to work closely with the team to help grow micromobility in the US.



A message from Kristin Gavin-Wisniewski, CEO of Bike Transit:

I am thrilled to be stepping in to lead Bike Transit. I have never felt more committed to our team and our work of bringing bike share to communities. Over the past 18 months, I have experienced what it is like to be a human-being in a pandemic; developed a deepened awareness and understanding of the racial and social inequities that perpetuate injustices and separate us; and experienced first-hand the impending impacts of climate change. By operating bike share programs, we get to be a part of the fabric of the community – an amazing privilege and opportunity in which our work can be a force for good.

I am fired up and ready to go, with a sense of urgency to affect positive change.

Let’s do this!