Customer Support Services

BicyCall – Our 18 hrs/day, 365 day-a-year call center

We are bike share operators dedicated to the success of bike share. Our customer service team lives and breathes bike share. All of our customer service staff live in BCycle cities and are regular users of the service. We know first hand what customers are experiencing, and we are committed to improving that experience.

Expertise & data

  • Integration with Bike Transit's highly experienced customer service team with a comprehensive command of BCycle Admin
  • Training to answer specific questions about your memberships, pricing, and local programs
  • Precise details on station maintenance issues
  • Detailed monthly reports on customer service metrics and tracking of over 40 different call types
  • And we are good: 97% – avg. customer satisfaction score

We are fast… really fast

  • 11 seconds – avg. wait time
  • 2:42 min. – avg. call length
  • 5:00 min. – avg. reply time for text/sms
  • 12:00 min. – avg. reply time for emails
  • We solve issues quickly, saving you money & giving the customer a better experience

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