CEO Announcement: Bike Transit Announces New CEO 

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Every person has access to a bike.

Mission: We operate bike share systems that create connections in our communities and protect our planet.

Values: DEIJ-driven. Innovative. Responsible.

About Us

Bicycle Transit Systems has paved the way for bike share in the United States, as our leaders have launched bike share systems in almost every major American city. We currently have over 100 employees, operating three major systems: Los Angeles’ Metro Bike Share, Philadelphia’s Indego and Las Vegas’ RTC Bike Share. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our dedicated staff maintain bicycles to be safe and smooth, service customers and get more people riding bikes.

Our hallmarks are innovation, equity and operational excellence. Bike Transit launched the first member-incentivized rebalancing program, the first cash payment system, the first and deepest transit integration. Our Philadelphia system has developed industry leading equity efforts. And all of our systems have the same mark of safe, clean bikes and stations, maintained with the utmost care and professionalism.

We imagine a world where there are more bikes on streets than cars and a bike share program in every city. It takes hard working, passionate, sometimes quirky and mission driven people to make this happen, and we are lucky to have people like this managing, promoting and operating our programs.

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Our Current Programs

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Customer Support Services


Stop AAPI Hate

Bike Transit stands with the Asian American Pacific Islander community.Bike Transit は、アジア系アメリカ人(AAPI)のコミュニティを支持していますAng Bike Transit ay nakatayo kasama ang komunidad ng mga Asyano-Amerikanong Taga-isla Pasipiko.Bike Transit 和亞裔美國太平洋島民社區在一起Bike Transit 는 아시아계 미국인 태평양 제도민 커뮤니티와 함께합니다.Bike Transit ủng hộ cộng đồng người Mỹ gốc Á và người dân vùng đảo Thái Bình Dương.Bike Transit ยืนอยู่คู่กับชุมชนชาวเกาะแห่งเอเชียอเมริกันแปซิฟิก As Women’s …

Black Lives Matter

Bike Transit unequivocally, absolutely supports nationwide protests and Black Lives Matters Typically at Bike Transit, we work behind the scenes. Indego is the Philly brand, Metro Bike Share in LA, RTC Bike Share in Vegas, Bloc delivery, our new baby startup. Our employees work in all weather everyday and night to take care of our …

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