Our Central Hub

Kristin Gavin-Wisniewski, CEO, has served as the General Manager of Indego for Bicycle Transit Systems since the bike share program’s launch in 2015. In her role as General Manager, Kristin has provided strategic oversight on all aspects of the Indego program ranging from the actualization of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice goals into company and system practices, to long-term strategic and financial planning.

Before joining Bicycle Transit Systems, Kristin founded and served as the Director of Gearing Up, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that provided women re-entering society after incarceration and/or recovery from addiction with the opportunity ride a bicycle to promote physical, emotional and social health. Kristin’s professional experience spans the bicycling industry from working as a tour guide for a bicycle tour company to serving as a Research Fellow for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.
The driving force behind Kristin’s leadership is to ensure that bicycles are accessible to all — because when people ride bikes the world becomes a smaller place and community, compassion, and connection is built. Stepping in to serve as the CEO of Bike Transit is a natural fit for Kristin – a role in which she is excited to expand accessibility of bike share in communities near and far!

Kristin resides in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, a place she has called home for 15 years since moving to Philadelphia to obtain a Masters in Kinesiology from Temple University. When not riding her tandem bicycle with her son, Francis, Kristin can be found in a hot yoga studio.

Alison Cohen, Founder of Bicycle Transit Systems has arguably the broadest and deepest background in bike share in the US and globally. Since 2007, she has had deep experience in this evolving business, from hands-on operation and implementation of seven bike share systems to contracting, business modeling, sponsorship acquisition, planning and feasibility assessments and more. She has been riding her bike for transportation for most of her life, and loves that she is increasing personal freedom through a new transportation choice that is cheap, fast, quiet, sustainable and healthy. Prior to her career in bike share, she has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Physics, a Master’s degree from MIT, played professional tennis and was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and an environmental consultant doing hazardous waste site cleanup.

Carniesha Kwashie, Chief Equity and Strategy Officer, brings deep experience in bike share, workforce development, and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice to drive forward the key strategies of the organization. She previously served as Director of the Job Opportunity Investment Network (JOIN) for the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and co-lead of the PHL COVID-19 Fund’s Rapid Action Grantmaking Committee, which has funded more than 500 nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before joining United Way, Kwashie worked extensively on the launch of the Indego Bike Share program and the Better Bike Share Partnership as an employee of the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Stability (oTIS).

Glenn Upchurch, Director of Technology,  brings over 20 years of professional experience in the area of Information Technology. He has managed global infrastructure for a Fortune 200 Corporation and has deployed enterprise-level applications across the globe. Glenn has helped with the development of modern technology strategies designed to aid a geographically diverse workforce. Glenn enjoys working in a collaborative environment to solve complex business problems with technology solutions. Glenn is very excited to be a part of Bicycle Transit and furthering sustainable transportation.

Claudia Setubal, Data & Evaluation Manager, analyzes data and builds models to help Bike Transit optimize operations, and manages evaluation of pilot initiatives and equity programs. She also really loves maps. Prior to joining Bicycle Transit Systems, she spent six years at Please Touch Museum, the Children’s Museum of Philadelphia, where she ran the department of Community Learning. Claudia has a background in Public Health and believes that people-powered transportation is the secret to long-term happiness, health, and sustainability.

Ian Smith, Director of Customer Experience and Central Operations, oversees the support for bike share programs in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Dayton, Ohio, and Lincoln, Nebraska. Additionally, he provides technical direction for a number dispatch operations tools and the IndeHero app. 
As a person whose bike is his primary mode of transportation, Ian understands that biking can help address major crises in our cities including, the health consequences of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, isolation from our communities and environment, and pollution and global warming. He sees bike share as a vital part in the urgent effort to build practical zero-carbon transportation options.

Sam Margulies, Web Developer, creates websites, iOS, and Android applications for Bicycle Transit Systems’ cities. With over 10 years experience as a web developer, Sam is an expert in creating user-friendly sites with WordPress. Sam is also a devoted caretaker of his cats and a passionate solver of jigsaw puzzles.

Jake Siemiarowski, Technical Operations Manager, serves as a centralized operations support where he works towards keeping all Bike Transit operations speaking the same language and working towards a common goal. His background is in Urban Studies, bike co-ops, corporate retail, independent bike shops, and avoiding driving at all costs. When not at work, Jake can be found riding bikes in Fairmount Park, climbing rocks, playing in his basement workshop or spending time with his wife and cats in their Germantown home.