our values


Excellence is a given at Bike Transit, and our number one priority. Failure is not an option. The founding partners lend our expertise to each local operation, and take full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of launching and operating a bike share system.


Bike Transit has a bias for action and enthusiasm for growing our business footprint. We aim to both lead innovation and partner with other leaders to have an increasing impact on bike share and on cities in general. We aim to innovate in bike share operational practices, contracting and business models, accessibility programs, outreach programs and mobile and online tools to make the customer and operational experience as smooth as possible.


Bike share will always be local. Bike Transit creates local operations that are by-and-large autonomous. This is the best way to serve our customers, clients and employees. In fact, check out some cool articles about our local headquarters in Philadelphia, and our working with a neighborhood youth group during the Indego launch. We headquarter our operations in our bike share service area, have a local call center and create local jobs.


Bike Transit should reflect the communities we work in and the customer base we aim to serve. A woman-led business, we have an awesome mix of employees of different gender, age, socio-economic class, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We will always aim to maintain and further diversify our employee base in every community we serve.

ACCESSIBLE and transparent

Bike Transit aims to create accessible bike share systems and have an accessible and transparent culture within the company. With Indego's participation in the Better Bike Share Partnership, we have created the first ever scalable cash payment program in bike share. We are transparent with our clients about our operations, and create a team-oriented environment where employees know everything that is going on.


Bike Transit is a socially responsible and desirable employer. We provide competitive salaries and at least basic benefits to its employees. We aim to allow for employee ownership to align incentives of employees with company innovation and success. We do everything we can, from encouraging bike commuting to cleaning with green products to composting at our headquarters so that our business practices have the smallest environmental footprint possible.


What is anything in life worth doing if it isn't fun? And bike share, at its heart, is pure and simple fun. We do an important job and have fun while doing it!