Metro Bike Share — LOS ANGELES

Metro Bike Share is a first of its kind regional bike share program, administered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a.k.a. Metro. Metro’s Bike Share Implementation Plan establishes the business model to bring bike share to more cities within L.A. County. Under the plan, Metro administers a master contract and pays 50 percent of capital costs and 35 percent of net operations and maintenance costs.

Not only unique for its regional administrative plan, Metro Bike Share is also purpose built for regional accessibility. With help from Bicycle Transit Systems, Metro Bike Share is the first large regional bike share program to offer transit fare integration, introducing bike share a component of, rather than a compliment to, transit. At the Metro Bike Share website, customers can register their transit fare card to ride Metro bikes, using the same card to also ride Metro buses and trains.

The regional administrative approach of this project combined with bike share fare integration with buses and trains complements a burgeoning shift to transit and bike use in Los Angeles, one of the most congested and historically auto dependent cities in the US.

Phase 1 of this ambitious project consists of a close partnership between Metro, the City of Los Angeles, LADOT, and Bicycle Transit Systems, launching with approximately 65 stations and 1,000 bikes in downtown LA in summer 2016. Future phases will expand Metro Bike Share into other LA county communities, beginning in 2017.



Metro Bike Share



July 7, 2016 (Passholders Only)
August 1, 2016 (Walk-ups and Credit Cards at Stations)


Phase 1: 65 stations, 1000 bicycles




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