Los Angeles Crew

From the beach to the valley and destinations in between, Metro Bike Share is Los Angeles’ countywide bike share program that provides a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly transportation option for locals and visitors to the City of Angels. Whether you are touring the Battleship Iowa in the Port of LA, getting your feet wet at Venice Beach, going for a run around the Rose Bowl, or hitting Grand Central Market for grub in Downtown LA, you can enjoy Los Angeles’ beautiful sites and perennial good weather (and beat traffic and parking to boot) with a bike between your legs and smile on your face!


Operations is where all of the fun stuff happens! We are a dynamic team of Mechanics, Station Techs, Dispatchers and Drivers in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Port of LA and Venice. We keep Metro Bike Share on line, running smoothly, in the right place, at the right time, and looking beautiful.

Station Techs

Station Techs ensure 24/7 functionality so you can get a bike at any time, day or night. Working at the nexus of hardware and software, we are forever problem solving so you can enjoy a world class bike share system.


Mechanics keep the bikes rolling every day. Our team of bicycle industry pros total decades of experience maintaining bicycles to the highest possible standard. Plus, we’re friendly! If you see us servicing bikes at any Metro Bike Share station, stop and say hello.


The administrative team keeps the Metro Bike Share system rolling and growing in LA County. We’re the forward thinkers, the bean counters, the planners, the HR pros, and the IT superstars that are the spokes to the Metro Bike wheel. We’re the behind-the-scenes team that’s passionate about making LA a better place to live, work, play, and ride a bike.


Marketing is the fun-loving, customer-facing, information-toting, message-delivering department of Bicycle Transit Systems. Our team is comprised of energetic and creative individuals with a contagious passion for bikes, community and bike share. Whether it’s at a farmers market, a large festival, or through social media, we work to conscientiously deliver the message of bike share in fun and engaging ways throughout the county, always striving to leave lasting, positive impressions on our customers and the communities we serve.

Customer Service

The Customer Service team is the voice of our system. Think of us as your friend who is in the know of all things Metro Bike Share! Available 365 days a year, we are always ready to resolve your inquiries with kindness, empathy, and accuracy!