The City of Bicycle Love is truly unique. Philly is home to the best cheesesteaks in the world,  the Liberty Bell, Rocky, beautiful open parks and museums and now one of the most popular bike share systems in the country. Indego is people-powered, not just by the riders, but by the behind-the-scenes bike magicians who keep everything running. They are mechanics, technicians, marketers, bikers, parents, students, coffee lovers and so much more.  Read below to learn more about this dynamic crew!


Kristin oversees all aspects of management and operations for Indego.  Before joining Bicycle Transit Systems, she founded and served as the Director of Gearing Up, a local cycling-based nonprofit organization. Kristin's professional experience spans the bicycling industry from working as a tour guide for a bicycle tour company to serving as a Research Fellow for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. The driving force behind Kristin's leadership at Indego is to ensure that bicycles are accessible to all Philadelphians, because when people ride bikes the world becomes a smaller place and community is built. When not riding her bicycle, Kristin can be found in a yoga studio or somewhere in Mt. Airy with her husband and two dogs. Kristin holds a B.A. in Sociology and Spanish from the University of Richmond, and a B.S. in Kinesiology from Temple University.   


Sam creates websites, iOS, and Android applications for Bicycle Transit Systems. With over 8 years experience as a web developer, Sam is an expert in creating user-friendly sites with WordPress. Sam is also a devoted caretaker of his cats and a passionate solver of jigsaw puzzles.

Liza is the glue that keeps our team together. She oversees HR, local accounting, administration, and our office and warehouse. She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BA in Business Management and a concentration in International Business. After graduation, Liza spent several months in India, where she traveled and studied Ashtanga yoga intensely. Since then, her love of travel has brought her to Thailand, the Philippines, and back to India. Liza believes in using our collective conscious to create a better and more sustainable way of life. She thinks bike share is an excellent place to start. 


Allan is our Operations Manager, keeping Indego rolling. A native of Ecuador, Allan was a founding member of Chicago-based volunteer group Radios Populares (RaPo), which travelled throughout North and South America to help build community radio stations, present workshops, and provide tech and organizational support to women's health groups, indigenous schools, farmers' movements and teacher's unions among others. Prior to his arrival in Philadelphia, he spent two years in a conflict zone in rural Colombia providing logistical support to health training initiatives, facilitating community organizing, as well as coordinating appropriate technology and solar installations in the region. He enjoys sharing food, experiences, excitement, rage, blame and credit where its due.


Jake oversaw the assembly of every single Indego bike before launch, and now manages day-to-day bike checking and in-house bike maintenance to make sure Indego bikes are safe and clean. He was raised on the back of a tandem bicycle. Bicycles are his passion, his preferred mode of transportation and the base for most of his hobbies. A proud product of public education, during his time at Temple University he developed an interest in integrating bicycles into existing transportation systems. At Bicycle Transit Systems, he has found a home where he can combine these passions and watch the city embrace a modern identity on two wheels. When not servicing a fleet of identical blue bikes, he can be found maintaining his own stable of differently colored bikes, riding them through the woods and over the roads of Fairmount Park and racing them in neighboring counties and states. 


Kiera makes sure everyone's talking about Indego. You can find her at events promoting bike share, crafting Indego's monthly newsletter to passholders or behind Indego's social media accounts engaging with our awesome riders! When she's not promoting Indego, she's leading bootcamps and run clubs throughout the city for her fitness company, City Fit Girls.  Kiera has fallen in love with using Indego as her main form of transportation.  Before joining Bicycle Transit Systems, Kiera was the Recruitment and Retention Manager for a local social service agency where she oversaw the hiring and on-boarding.

Claudia works with the Better Bike Share Partnership team to help make Indego accessible to all Philadelphians.  She created and oversees the cash membership program, and sorts through piles of data to get a better understanding of usage patterns. Prior to joining the Bicycle Transit Systems team, Claudia spent 6 years at Please Touch Museum, the Children’s Museum of Philadelphia, where she ran the department of Community Learning and developed programs to reach underserved communities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University, and a Master of Public Health from Temple University. Claudia is passionate about addressing health disparities among urban populations through the built environment, rock climbing, and her cat, Mojo.



Ian is the Director of Customer Service overseeing a fully-staffed call center that aims to make customers happy. When not answering phones himself or managing the 10-person team, he spends his time gardening, reading, and carpentering. He is a longtime urban cyclist, recognizing the superiority of biking as a way to get around. His ideal city would have no cars, which are just rolling pollution machines that separate people from their neighbors and environment. He believes that cities need to build robust zero-carbon public transportation and understands the importance of bike share systems in this effort. 


Andria is our Head Customer Service Supervisor at Indego. She is responsible for supporting Customer Service Representatives and ensuring delightful experiences for our customers. With over a decade of experience leading, coaching, and mentoring the customer service staff of three major metropolitan area mass transit agencies, she now brings her expertise to Indego. Her greatest passions are championing women's rights and animal rights.