Turnkey Bike Share System Management

Bike Transit offers turnkey management for bike share systems. Services can include any or all of the following:

Bike share system implementation

  • Equipment recommendation or selection
  • Contracting with bike share equipment provider
  • Advising on site planning issues
  • Establishment of appropriate insurance coverage

Launch preparations including: 

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Employee hiring
  • Tools, equipment, vehicles and spare parts acquisition
  • Bike and station assembly
  • Station installation
  • Establish local customer service center
  • Marketing and information management, including:
  • Pre-launch marketing
  • Membership enrollment
  • Website creation
  • IT and data collection setup
  • System launch event
  • Financial and accounting setup, including:
  • Basic accounting system for operations
  • Equipment inventory tracking
  • Establishment of banking and credit card services
  • Tracking of financial performance and operational metrics

Bike Share system operations

  • Hire and manage street and warehouse operations personnel
  • Bicycle rebalancing
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Station maintenance
  • Bicycle and station cleanliness
  • Usage data collection and reporting
  • Financial data collection and reporting
  • Customer service for riders, including call center management
  • Website maintenance
  • Membership, marketing and promotions
  • Human resources, finance and administration